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"Bolstr's revenue share model is a refreshing alternative that is perfectly in tune to the challenges small businesses face."
Maria Boustead
Founder / Owner, Po Campo Bags
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Discover & Invest in exciting local small businesses
Be a part of a community success story

Tim of Ipsento Coffee House successfully raised $20,000
to invest in expansion.
Develop new relationships by advising local businesses through their fundraising objectives.
Be a part of the local businesses you love

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Hear From Some of the Most Experienced Investors... 

“Bolstr does a great job at providing access to a curated selection of emerging small business investment opportunities, and has developed an innovative revenue share structure that pays investors back monthly”

- Doug Lebda, Founder/CEO, LendingTree

"Bolstr’s revenue sharing structure is by far the most rational way to invest in growing small businesses. Investors have the reassurance of getting paid back monthly, with the benefit of equity-like upside.”

-David S. Rose, Author of Angel Investing: The Gust Guide to Making Money & Having Fun Investing in Startups

"I recently invested in my son’s favorite neighborhood restaurant, a great lobster roll spot, on Bolstr, and it was seamless! As an investor, easy access to investing in familiar growing businesses is unprecedented."

-Dick Burke, President,

Introducing the New Face of Small BusinessTM


What is Bolstr?

Bolstr is changing the way small businesses access funding to grow.

Bolstr is a place where successful small businesses come to access funding for growth. These business owners are starting small but thinking big! Through Bolstr they are establishing powerful networks of supporters who are all invested in the success of their business.

Each business on Bolstr is healthy, and looking to grow.

We are very careful about which businesses we allow on the Bolstr platform. We are not a lifeline for struggling businesses. We are focused on helping healthy and growing businesses access funding to take their success to new levels. Take a look at our business guidelines for more info.

Investing in a business is more than just a financial transaction

By investing local, investors have the opportunity to make a big impact on local businesses in their communities. Their investment will help them grow, create local jobs, and improve the local economy. They also will have the opportunity to share in the businesses financial success!

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