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Branding & Breweries: Lessons From the Experts

by Team Bolstr

We all know that good branding is key to being successful in any industry. In our new series focused on outstanding branding, each week we’ll look at leaders in different industries and share insights into what makes these brands successful. This...

Want to Grow Your Small Business? Branding Matters.

by Team Bolstr


We’ve all seen hundreds of small businesses successfully operate -- and even grow to second or third locations. We’ve also witnessed small businesses that have no desire to expand out of their home city, or even out of their local neighborhood....

Is Equity Capital Right for Your Small Business?

by Team Bolstr

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The process of raising funding for your small business can be tricky. Chances are you’ll come across a lot of options -- including selling equity in your business in exchange for funding. While selling equity has a number of benefits, there are...

5 Ways to Leverage Chicago Sports for Your Small Business

by Team Bolstr

Chicago Skyline From 16th Street Bridge

With the NFL and NHL in full swing and the NBA gearing up for regular season play, Chicago is buzzing with hometown sports pride. While the Bears may not always be living up to their potential, Chicago sports provide a unique opportunity for...

How to Determine a Growth Funding Project for Your Small Business

by Team Bolstr

Rsz Growth Project

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think “If only I had more…” or “I could really use a…?” Maybe you have a list of projects or purchases you always wanted to make, but couldn’t quite justify or afford the costs. Identifying...

Pros and Cons of Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

by Team Bolstr


As exciting as the digital age can be, for small business owners it can be frustrating and overwhelming. 20 years ago, a business needed only a physical location; now, at the very least, it needs a healthy social media presence and an attractive...


by Team Bolstr

Bolstr Vid

Bolstr has helped numerous small businesses accomplish their growth objectives, by accessing investment capital on our Marketplace. We wanted to bring three of their stories first hand to you...

Click the video above to watch how Vintage...


by Team Bolstr

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Funding and Business Highlights

  • Awarded Best Local Microbrewery 2014 (Seattle Magazine)
  • Two Beers' Evo IPA selected as one of WA's best IPAs
  • 2014 Expected Revenue of $2.5 Million

About Two Beers Brewing

Two Beers Brewing Co started when Joel...