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Bolstr on NBC News with Ipsento Coffee House

Published March 31st, 1:02 PM

Bolstr Co-Founder, Larry Baker, and Ipsento Coffee House Founder, Tim Taylor, talk about crowdfunding, access to capital, and small business growth.

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Bolstr on FOX News with Letherbee Distillers!

Published January 30th, 8:00 AM

Bolstr Co-Founder Charlie Tribbett, and Letherbee Distillers Founder Brenton Engel share how Letherbee was able to raise growth capital in the Bolstr Marketplace within 24 hours! 

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WAKEFIELD: Bolstr is Navigating the Legal Complexities of Crowdfunding

Published July 24th, 9:26 AM

The law is an ass, or so goes a centuries-old English proverb. This isn’t news to you – at least if you’ve ever tried to replace a lost Social Security card or contest a parking ticket.

Bolstr – a crowdfunding site with a twist – had to carefully navigate the law to get going. Instead of

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Bolstr on MSNBC's Your Business

Published March 11th, 9:59 AM

This weekend, Larry and Charlie were guests MSNBC's Your Business with JJ Ramberg to chat small business, Bolstr and revenue-sharing. Check it out! 

Bolstr in NerdWallet's CEO Series on Small Business Lending

Published February 11th, 10:01 AM

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CEO Series on Small Business Lending

Prior to co-founding Bolstr, Larry was an Investment Banker at J.P.Morgan, where he focused on financial restructurings, mergers & acquisitions, and corporate financing transactions. He then spent two years in the mergers & acquisitions group of a $4

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An Investment-Based Crowdfunding Platform for Small Businesses

Published December 14th, 9:58 AM

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Small Business Spotlight: Bolstr

Who: Cofounders Charlie Tribbett and Larry Baker, both 28, @Bolstr

What: An investment-based crowdfunding platform for small businesses

Where: New York City

When: November 2011

How: Tribbett and Baker met while interning at JPMorgan. The two men went on to work in

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Forbes Explains Why Small Businesses Should Use Bolstr Over Kickstarter

Published September 13th, 4:00 AM

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If You Want to Really Raise Capital, Try This Company and Not KickStarter

by Mark Fidelman, Forbes Contributer

An OP/ED View of the Next Generation Enterprise

Bolstr is a company that is changing the small business fundraising game. It’s one of the best crowd funding platforms I’ve seen

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Bolstr is the American Express OPEN Startup of the Week!

Published August 5th, 10:00 PM

Check out the full article here and below!

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Bolstr Gets Main-Street Businesses Access to Capital

Banks aren’t lending to small businesses, the housing crisis has choked off home equity lines of credit, and private investors typically look the other way unless there’s a clear and attractive exit strategy.

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