Access to a New Asset Class

Return Upside

As businesses grow, so does your monthly payment and time value of money adjusted return.

Short durations

On average, business loans on Bolstr are structured to repay investors within 24 - 36 months

Secured obligations

Each loan is secured by a personal guarantee, and a security interest in the assets of the business

Portfolio Servicing

Bolstr utilizes proprietary technology to mitigate your risk through proven servicing and collections practices

Minimum Monthly Repayment

We will auto-ACH a minimum monthly payment from the borrower (60 month amortization schedule)

Multiple Ways To Invest*

For the first time, investors have the ability to invest directly in cash flow generating private assets. Our unique revenue sharing structure provides investors with short-term, high-yield return opportunities through monthly repayment.

Enroll in Automated Investing

• Decide how much you would like to commit to invest across a portfolio of loans

• Receive guaranteed allocations until your commitment is fully allocated (min. of 10 loans)


Browse and Select Notes

• A small portion of each loan will be made available for investors outside of our Automated program. Build a portfolio of Bolstr loans with minimum investments as low as $5,000 when opportunities are available

* A servicing fee of 1% will be applied to each monthly repayment until investors are fully repaid

Recently Funded


Growing businesses means growing needs. Erica at Southern Culture Artisan Foods needed to purchase equipment and inventory to grow production, so she turned to Bolstr to raise $70,000.

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  • U Konserve
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  • Mindy's Hot Chocolate
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