Top 10 States for Craft Brewing [Infographic]

Top 10 States for Craft Brewing [Infographic]

The craft brewing industry makes a huge economic impact across the US, but there are some states where that impact is felt more than others. California, for example, is the number one ranked state for craft breweries. In 2014, California had 431 craft breweries operating in the state. Thanks to the higher number of breweries, the state also ranks number one for economic impact, with $6.8 million dollars being generated by the brewing industry. However, California comes in second in the number of barrels of craft beer produced each year. Their 3.4 million barrels came up short to Pennsylvania in 2014, which produced just over 4 million barrels.

In the infographic below we break down the top 10 states for craft brewing as ranked by the number of breweries in the state as well as their economic impact and the number of craft barrels produced each year.

Top 10 States for Craft Brewing

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